November 21, 2013

4 Reasons You Should Use Eco-Friendly Paints

In modern times we’ve come to realise the importance of looking after the environment as much as we can. The sad truth is that the environment is not invincible, and the way we live and the things we do can influence its wellbeing and, by extension, our own. With people becoming more weary of the environment and how we are effecting it, people are turning to eco friendly products as much as they can. Certain types of paint can contain all kinds of different chemicals and can actually be very harmful to the environment and to ourselves. If you are painting at home, we would recommend that you choose an eco friendly paint for the following reasons

Water based
Being water based, paint of this kind is easier to break down than alternative products. With the majority of its ingredients being biodegradable, the paint is going to do significantly less damage to the environment down the track. Obviously, this is the defining feature of natural paint, but some people don’t realise the other advantages associated with it.

More efficient
Initially, these kinds of paints were not necessarily very practical, and chemical alternatives were seen to be the way to go if you wanted the best paint job you could possibly get. Ultimately, you were paying for the eco friendly nature of these paints, rather than the quality of them. However, recent technological advancements mean that they are actually more efficient to use – they require less coats and provide more coverage than their chemical counterparts. In short, they are arguably preferable from the perspective of quality. friendly production
As well as the paint itself being better for the environment, the way that it is manufactured is too. Chemical based paint omits harmful fumes into the air in their production, and the level of toxic waste that is produced as a result is relatively high. There are far fewer byproducts produced in the manufacturing of water based paints, making them much more

Not toxic
Last and possibly most importantly, natural paints do not contain the same toxic chemicals as other products, which means that have much less of an adverse affect on people’s health. Traditionally, it has been seen to be dangerous to inhale paint fumes excessively, however because water based paints are free of benzene, naphthalene and other harmful chemicals, they do not have the same effect and are completely safe.