February 19, 2013

Finding Great Strata Painters in Sydney

Hiring professional, experienced strata painters is different from hiring painters for a regular domestic or commercial job. Painting a strata building is a large job that requires experience in painting strata in particular. Strata Painters must demonstrate to the Owners’ Corporation they can manage and deliver on a large job with minimal supervision, and provide a sleek, uniform paint job. This article will provide insight on how to find professional strata painters in Sydney, allowing you to confidently improve your strata title property without being hampered by fear. When deciding to hire painters for your Sydney strata title property, there are three major areas of concern: (1) competence, (2) colour, and (3) environmental concerns.

Hiring Great Strata Painters

While many strata painters will claim to be experienced, professional and credible painters should provide a gallery or portfolio of their recent projects. Ideally, this portfolio will include both residential and commercial work so that you can evaluate whether or not their skills match your particular project. The benefit of hiring a company as opposed to a sole trader, is companies are required to abide by financial and
legal obligations governed by ASIC. Therefore, they are accountable for their workmanship and business performance. A reputable painting company will have an on-site project manager which means quality will be supervised and controlled from beginning to end, and is not up to you to monitor. You should also check for qualifications such as membership in Master Painter’s Australia, an association that provides training and licenses to its qualified members, membership in the Strata Community Australia which is the peak association supporting the strata sector, representing over 2,500 member companies and individuals. Membership in these kinds of organizations helps ensure that strata painters are up to date on the latest techniques and technologies in the field. This knowledge will help ensure that the paint job is high-quality and long lasting.
In strata painting, these credentials are particularly important because they suggest that the company can help you avoid legal entanglements by keeping everything up to code. Check for references and testimonials to ensure that the company works as well as they claim. Finally check if the painting company is insured!

Third party services such as Trades Monitors can verify contractors’ compliance with licences, insurance, registrations and safety cover. The NSW Department of Fair trading can provide advice on compulsory licencing and registrations for industry specific trades.


With such a vast choice of paint colours, textures and finishes in today’s market, the added service of a colour consultant is crucial in a strata title property. Colour can appear to change in larger areas and under different light. Colour consultants can offer their experience and expertise when considering the most suitable paint colour, preparation and application under the existing lighting in the common areas. Consultants also offer value by selecting themost suitable and durable paints for trims and walls, and the type of mood that you want to evoke in the lobby and or common areas. For example, corporate offices want to convey attention-to-detail, stability, and trustworthiness. An expert Strata painting company will take that into account by choosing appropriate, long-lasting paint that will not change colour as it fades.
Colour consultants understand the importance of sealing porous walls before applying a top-coat. Neglecting this step can result in poor sheen and colour uniformity, which in turn would require the job to be redone.

Environmental Concerns

There are several varieties of environmental concerns involved in painting a strata title property. The one that may be of most concern to you is the local regulations. An expert strata painting company will know the environmental regulations governing your local council, limiting your legal liability and reducing your concerns. Expertise in the locality will also help in determining what kind of paint will last without peeling or chipping. Nothing can make a building look mismanaged faster than chipping or peeling paint. If your painter is a member of Master Painter’s Australia, you will have no cause for concern. If you hire a company that often works in Sydney, they will be able to provide the best paint and techniques for the job.

February 07, 2013

Check Before You Renovate Buildings Constructed Pre 1970 Could Have Lead Based Paint

A guide for health professionals titled “Lead Alert” states“nearly all cases of acute lead poisoning in children admitted to children's hospitals in recent years have been attributed to home renovation activities”.

The guide outlines even low levels of lead in blood can have developmental effects on young children, recommending pregnant women and children under 5 years not be present in a home built pre 1970 undergoing renovations.

Homes built pre 1970 are said to have used lead-based paints, and should this paint be flaking and removed from the surface can create lead dust making it airborne and enabling inhalation and absorbed into the blood stream.

If your home is built pre- 1970 and the paint is damaged or disturbed - or likely to go that way - then your best course of action is to have it professionally removed.

Premier Painting Company offer specialist painting solutions to the Historic Houses Trust. These buildings require a unique understanding of lead management and Premier Painting Company are accredited to manage the removal asbestos which is critical in provide an end to end painting solution to these clients.

For more information about lead paint or how to test the paint in your house, office or commercial premises contact Premier Painting on 1300 916 291

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